Last week was pretty spectacular. Katie was in town for the week so it didn’t need much to make it great to begin with. Still, the week “overperformed.” Katie arrived on Sunday and we spent the afternoon walking around the lake in the gorgeous weather. Lausanne in the summer really is paradise: highs in theContinue reading “Heidelberg”

It Finally Happened

This weekend has been remarkable for several reasons. Chronologically: 1. On Friday it was announced that Jimmy Buffett will be performing not one but two shows in Europe this year, both in small venues. July 5th he will be in London in a theater that seats ~2,000 and September 26th he will be in ParisContinue reading “It Finally Happened”

Long Time, No Blog

Sorry I’ve been off the scene for a while. Coming back from Italy there was a lot to do at work before gallavanting off to the US for the Nolte-Rakowitz wedding. Then, once over there, there was a lot to do trying to keep things moving forward remotely. My time in the US was veryContinue reading “Long Time, No Blog”

Coming and Going

I just dropped my week-long house guest off at the train station (where IMD Professor Dominiq Thurpin was also taking the train to Geneve-Aeroport) for a tearful goodbye. It was a wonderful week with her in town and it felt so, so, so good to cook again–really for the first time in my 15 monthsContinue reading “Coming and Going”

New Year’s Luck Continues

After my last post I was upgraded to first class for the Newark-Geneva flight as well–what a great day! Hopefully my luck will continue throughout 2009. I’ve just wrapped up my first day back in Lausanne. It is cold and gray here but I am enjoying living in the corporate apartment until my new placeContinue reading “New Year’s Luck Continues”