Beach Volleyball – Training with a Pro

Last weekend I had the opportunity to train with a pro beach volleyball player. It was a fun experience and I learned a lot! As most of you will know, I’m not built for volleyball at all – but I’ve been playing it for years and really love it. My college girlfriend was a volleyballContinue reading “Beach Volleyball – Training with a Pro”

2010 Wrap-Up

Wow, 2010 was a hell of a year! I got engaged, got a dog, started up a company, lived in Switzerland for the summer, and really advanced a number of my personal and professional goals. A year ago I posted my resolutions for 2010 and periodically I have posted status updates (one week, one month,Continue reading “2010 Wrap-Up”

Yearly Goals Halfway Point Progress Update

This morning I dropped Katie off at the airport and it wasn’t nearly as tearful a goodbye as our previous Swiss partings have been. This time I will be seeing her in a few days rather than a few months and that feels much better! Now that I am a lonely bachelor again, I haveContinue reading “Yearly Goals Halfway Point Progress Update”

The Big Lebowski

I can’t believe that June is almost over already; it has really flown by! It began with (although technically this was the end of May) dogsitting our friend’s awesome chocolate lab. We took her on long walks around the neighborhood and frequent visits to Houston’s many dog parks. Some couples are described as “baby crazy.”Continue reading “The Big Lebowski”

I am not the King of the Beach . . . yet!

Yesterday I played in a King of the Beach tournament at Third Coast Volleyball. This means that, instead of showing up with a partner, each player shows up individually. Each player plays several games, each with a different partner. At the end, the results are tallied and the player with the most wins is theContinue reading “I am not the King of the Beach . . . yet!”

Sports Season Transition

There were two reasons to be depressed following the Super Bowl this year. The first was that Peyton Manning failed to win a second league championship. Colts special teams were poor and Manning couldn’t get any help at all from his receivers. Kudos to New Orleans, which played a great game of ballsy calls andContinue reading “Sports Season Transition”


Having looked back at 2009 in my last post, now it is time to look ahead to 2010. Following are my New Year’s resolutions laid out by category. I would like to publish these online and report on regular progress to maintain accountability. Can anyone recommend any good tools for this? Relationships   1. WeeklyContinue reading “2010”


The last two weeks have been very, very active and full of milestones. At enistic, we’ve secured our first investors, our first resellers/installers/distributors, and–perhaps most importantly–our first clients! We still have a way to go to raise the money we need really to get this venture off the ground but this early momentum is very,Continue reading “Milestones”