Sibling Bonding in Chicago

Katie and I have traveled each of the last two weekends to spend time with her sister in Chicago and my brother in Austin respectively. It was only my second time in Chicago, but the city struck me with some of its similarities to and differences from Houston. The two cities are around the sameContinue reading “Sibling Bonding in Chicago”

The Big Lebowski

I can’t believe that June is almost over already; it has really flown by! It began with (although technically this was the end of May) dogsitting our friend’s awesome chocolate lab. We took her on long walks around the neighborhood and frequent visits to Houston’s many dog parks. Some couples are described as “baby crazy.”Continue reading “The Big Lebowski”

Sports Season Transition

There were two reasons to be depressed following the Super Bowl this year. The first was that Peyton Manning failed to win a second league championship. Colts special teams were poor and Manning couldn’t get any help at all from his receivers. Kudos to New Orleans, which played a great game of ballsy calls andContinue reading “Sports Season Transition”

It Finally Happened

This weekend has been remarkable for several reasons. Chronologically: 1. On Friday it was announced that Jimmy Buffett will be performing not one but two shows in Europe this year, both in small venues. July 5th he will be in London in a theater that seats ~2,000 and September 26th he will be in ParisContinue reading “It Finally Happened”

Rice Not Representin’

Ouch. Rice’s debut game in this year’s College World Series was abysmal: a 17-5 loss to Fresno State. We went through seven pitchers and gave up three home runs. Only late in the game did we mount any offense at all and, by then, it was too little too late. Oh well, as one announcerContinue reading “Rice Not Representin’”

Movie Night (and Day)

What a day, yesterday. I didn’t leave my apartment at all but not because I was studying. I spent most of the day watching movies, one of my favorite pastimes. In preparation for our Discovery Expedition to Kenya I watched two assigned films: Darwin’s Nightmare and The Last King of Scotland. Darwin’s Nightmare is aContinue reading “Movie Night (and Day)”