Wedding Part 1 – Arrival

The best week of my life – including the best day of my life – has just ended. I have had some really tremendous previous best weeks and days of my life, but this wedding really blew them all away. Everything was just so . . . so . . . perfect. Katie and IContinue reading “Wedding Part 1 – Arrival”

IMD Keeps On Giving

Last week was a very IMD-centric week for me. It began Monday night with dinner at a professor’s house to discuss my next career move. After dinner and much discussion of Harry Potter with his children, we moved out to his terrace for dark chocolate, 1997 Castello Broglio Chianti Classico, and a marvelous sunset overContinue reading “IMD Keeps On Giving”


Last week was pretty spectacular. Katie was in town for the week so it didn’t need much to make it great to begin with. Still, the week “overperformed.” Katie arrived on Sunday and we spent the afternoon walking around the lake in the gorgeous weather. Lausanne in the summer really is paradise: highs in theContinue reading “Heidelberg”