My Diet

My daily diet can be summed up in two staple food groups:

1. bread
2. stuff you put on bread
Now before you think my diet is boring, let me clarify that there is a LOT of stuff you can put on bread! In the past few days alone, I have eaten bread topped with the following:
smoked salmon
chicken curry sauce
and pretty much every combination thereof. It’s nice living across the street from Globus, which has the most Whole Foods/Central Market-like grocery store that I’ve found in Lausanne. They have several whole grain selections and the bread is always fresh, crusty, and delicious. Until I’m moved into a more permanent apartment with the means to boil water for pasta, bread will probably remain my main source of complex carbs.
Of course, I don’t eat exclusively bread-based meals. I also eat dark chocolate. 🙂 The Swiss swear that it’s good for you and I am happy to accept that as gospel without trying to verify it.
Today was a milestone for me: I successfully responded to a request for directions from a lost couple on the streets of Lausanne–and in French!
This week will mark another milestone: on Wednesday I and some other members of the Poken team are headed to Google’s Zurich office to present a Tech Talk. It was just a couple of months ago that I was there interviewing!

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3 thoughts on “My Diet

  1. Bread topped with arugula? That\’s like saying \”bread topped with iceberg lettuce.\” This is Matt by the way, and my diet has most included \”Stuff bought at bakery \” and \”Pasta with whatever sauce I first see.\” The kitchen in my temporary apartment isn\’t the best…

  2. I empathize with the kitchen inadequacy! And the bread with arugula was great–mostly because it also had pepper-infused pecorino all over it. When it comes to eating raw green stuff, I usually have the most success by sandwiching it [pun intended] between two other things that I really like to eat.

  3. I just have to comment that my diet recently has consisted of meat covered with meat, slathered in more meat, with a side of wine and Paul\’s legendary mushrooms – you know what I\’m talking about, B. I will help you get your dietary priorities straight if you visit. Nick finally has a barbeque and knows how to use it. Life is beautiful.

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