Eurotrip with the Bambino

Last week we returned from a week-long trip to Switzerland and Italy – with baby in tow – and it was quite an adventure! We began our trip with two days in Lausanne. My IMD MBA Class of 2008 was celebrating our 10-year reunion, which means I’ve now been blogging for more than 10 yearsContinue reading “Eurotrip with the Bambino”

Travel Recommendations for Toscana

A friend recently let me know that she would be traveling to Tuscany and was seeking recommendations both for tourist travel and wine travel. Having lived in Florence and spent much more time since then traveling around bella Toscana, I compiled the following recommendations for her: Firenze Stay away from Florence during the summer! It’sContinue reading “Travel Recommendations for Toscana”

Auburn Engineering In Italy

It’s fun being around the Huntsville crowd. It’s my first time in a while being around southern accents. Some words have extra syllables added (“Now” becomes “Nay-ow.”) while some have syllables taken away (“Bry-an” becomes “Brine”). They’re good people and the people, places, and activities they talk about remind of good memories growing up inContinue reading “Auburn Engineering In Italy”