Harry Potter Dinner

Last Friday we hosted a Harry Potter dinner at our house for a small group of friends. It was a blast! DECORATIONSTo create a Hogwarts-like ambiance, we made a few changes to our dining room: FOOD AND DRINKWithout house elves to help, I think we still did a pretty admirable job of preparing a Hogwarts-caliberContinue reading “Harry Potter Dinner”

Authentic Mediterranean Food in Arkansas

Katie and I just returned from a long weekend in Hot Springs, Arkansas, for my cousin’s wedding. Hot Springs is a small town about an hour outside of Little Rock, the state’s capital. You wouldn’t expect it to be a hotbed of international cuisine but, if our weekend was any indication, it most definitely is!Continue reading “Authentic Mediterranean Food in Arkansas”

Sibling Bonding in Chicago

Katie and I have traveled each of the last two weekends to spend time with her sister in Chicago and my brother in Austin respectively. It was only my second time in Chicago, but the city struck me with some of its similarities to and differences from Houston. The two cities are around the sameContinue reading “Sibling Bonding in Chicago”

A Birthday Feast for the Ages

Last night capped off 36 hours of wonderful birthday celebration! Thursday evening my favorite wingman took me and a couple of other friends out to Experience Hendrix, a Jimi Hendrix tribute tour featuring several blues legend performers. It was a great show, covering the entire Hendrix canon. Some notable performers were Dweezil Zappa (son ofContinue reading “A Birthday Feast for the Ages”

1982 – What a vintage!

In honor of Katie’s 30th birthday, we hosted a small dinner last night featuring wines from her vintage, 1982. It was a fun chance to reminisce about what was happening in our lives and in the world 30 years ago. Top movie: Chariots of Fire. Top song: Eye of the Tiger. Top world event: Katie’sContinue reading “1982 – What a vintage!”

Finnish Wedding Part 2

Friday began with an amazing breakfast buffet at our hotel. It was a veritable smorgasbord of Nordic staples: pickled herring, mustard herring, marinated salmon, little pancakes, organic spelt/barley porridge with lingonberries, eggs, freshly baked bread, cheese, pastries, nuts/seeds, and fresh fruit. None of this wimpy continental breakfast for us – these Finns know how toContinue reading “Finnish Wedding Part 2”

Wedding Part 5 – The Aftermath

Sunday morning we woke up for the first time as husband and wife. Practically speaking, nothing had changed. Emotionally speaking, everything was different. We had taken a big step and everything just seemed to shine. At breakfast the honey was a litte sweeter, the smiles a little broader, and the laughter a little louder –Continue reading “Wedding Part 5 – The Aftermath”