Delinquent Blogger

I’m sorry to all my readers for taking so long to post an update. The last week has been very hectic for me between finishing school, career search, and preparing for the post-IMD tansition. Let me bring you up to speed in a few areas: Classes Last week we finished our second and final weekContinue reading “Delinquent Blogger”

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

I woke up this morning to a COLD apartment. I was so focused that I just threw on some warm clothes and immediately settled into job hunting activities. It wasn’t until I received an email a couple of hours later that concluded with “Enjoy the snow!” that I pulled my nose up out of myContinue reading “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow”

Back in Lausanne

After three glorious days in San Menaio, a small town on Italy’s Adriatic coast, I am back in Lausanne. San Menaio was wonderful, as it always is: no Internet, no work, just peaceful beach life with my Italian cousins. The Italian side of my family is always incredibly welcoming and accommodating in their little beachContinue reading “Back in Lausanne”

Living in Lausanne

I haven’t posted in awhile. This is not because I have been under major deadline pressure, my traditional reason for latent posts. Rather it is because I spent the last week just living a normal life in Lausanne. There hasn’t been anything too extraordinary to report, the weather has been beautiful, and just poking aroundContinue reading “Living in Lausanne”

Back in the Developed World

Wow. I’m back. I am most definitely in a different world. We arrived this morning to shining sun and the smells of wonderful cuisine emanating from the outdoor cafes by the train station. Never before has Lausanne felt so European to me. This is how I remember my time in bella Firenze. Several of usContinue reading “Back in the Developed World”

Bring on the Exams!

This weekend was pleasant and relaxing. I took care of many chores, wrote some papers, and, most importantly, played some beach volleyball. On Saturday our play was cut short by a scary storm that rolled in out of nowhere: very low, very dark clouds, high winds, and lots of lightning. No problem, though; we ranContinue reading “Bring on the Exams!”