First Week In New Apartment

Sorry for my absence but last week kept me very busy! On top of many long hours at the office (due to our release of a new website look and feel), I also moved into my new apartment and have been dealing with all of the time sucks that come with that.

Friday night I met up with our new Marketing Director at Bavaria¬†to discuss our product strategy. We ate sausage and drank Berlinoise (“glass of framboise + bottle of¬†hefeweissbier == good!”)–I felt very Bavarian!
Saturday night was our IMD MBA Class of 2008 reunion dinner at the Moevenpick hotel. Many of us stayed in Switzerland so we had over 30 attendees–not bad for a class of 89!
On another note, I am loving Google Latitude. It’s like Twitter but coupled with locational information. It uses your phone’s GPS (or you can update it manually) to publish your location to your friends. Obviously privacy is a concern so you can hide your location from one, some, or all of your friends at any time. It uses some mobile phone data bandwidth but the possibilities of knowing when you are unexpectedly close to a friend of yours is more than worth it. On Monday, for example, I bumped into an IMD classmate as we got off the train in Geneva. Had we been using Latitude, we would have known that we were on the same train and enjoyed the ride together. Cool stuff!

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