Fittest Entrepreneur Again

Last Saturday I won my second consecutive Houston Fittest Entrepreneur Challenge! That turns out not to be very impressive as there weren’t many entrepreneurs competing this year, but I still took second among all male competitors and improved on my performance from last year, so I feel very good about the results. This year’s eventContinue reading “Fittest Entrepreneur Again”

BBQ and Fitness in Houston

I spent the last week in Houston for business but, of course, managed to pack in social, culinary, and fitness adventures a plenty! The culinary highlight by far was my first visit to Killen’s BBQ, which has taken the Houston BBQ scene by storm over the last two years. To be honest I was prettyContinue reading “BBQ and Fitness in Houston”

Gone To Carolina In My Mind

Katie and I are moving to Chapel Hill, North Carolina! Those closest to us already know, but it’s time to make this announcement public. Next month Katie will begin a PhD program in nutritional anthropology at the University of North Carolina. This process actually began more than four years ago as Katie became very concernedContinue reading “Gone To Carolina In My Mind”

Entrepreneurship for Value Creation

This morning I read a blog post about “the problem with Silicon Valley.” The author contends that the pace of innovation in the Valley is amazing, but that it is often somewhat insulated from solving problems that “matter.” Clearly much debate can be had about what “matters,” but the topic resonates with me. Two yearsContinue reading “Entrepreneurship for Value Creation”

A Meaningful Award for Smart OES

Yesterday we were honored to receive first place in the Goradia Innovation Prize competition! When I first announced that I would move back to Houston from Switzerland to launch Smart Office Energy Solutions, people thought I was crazy. “Why Houston?” “They don’t have startups there – just big oil companies!” I assured them – orContinue reading “A Meaningful Award for Smart OES”

The First Cleanweb Hackathon in Texas

Last weekend marked the culmination of a special project I’ve been working on for many months: bringing the┬áCleanweb Hackathon to Houston! Cleanweb is a global movement of people developing IT-based “clean” technologies instead of the traditional “cleantech” like solar and wind which require massive investments and decades to commercialize. The purpose of a cleanweb hackathonContinue reading “The First Cleanweb Hackathon in Texas”