Last week was pretty spectacular. Katie was in town for the week so it didn’t need much to make it great to begin with. Still, the week “overperformed.”

Katie arrived on Sunday and we spent the afternoon walking around the lake in the gorgeous weather. Lausanne in the summer really is paradise: highs in the 70s (F), lows in the 60s, and clear, sunny days. I had to ignore this fact purposefully last year while I was stuck in the IMD dungeons but this year I can take advantage.
Monday was a holiday so we played some beach volleyball and it was fun to play with my favorite coed 2s partner again! After a refreshing, cleansing dip in the lake, we and one of my coworkers went to a lakeside restaurant for nourishment and sangria–what a way to pass the afternoon!
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I worked but Friday too was a holiday so Katie and I left Thursday evening for Heidelberg, Germany, where her aunt lives. Heidelberg was great; although we only spent about 36 hours there, I found it to be really charming and certainly worth a return trip.
Heidelberg’s most prominent attraction is its castle. As many of you know, I love castles, so I was very excited to check it out. We spent much of the day Friday just walking around the castle grounds, enjoying the lovely day, and scheming about ways to have a castle of our own!
In the evening we met up with Katie’s aunt for dinner. We went to a local brewpub where I was delighted to discover that we were right in the middle of Germany’s white asparagus season! Naturally we took advantage of this fact in each course and accompanied it with dark, dark German beer.
After dinner we paid a visit to Schwetzingen Castle, a much more modern palace than Heidelberger Schloss, but no less impressive. We arrived too late to walk the expansive grounds so we will just have to return some day.
Saturday we returned to Lausanne and attended an IMD MBA mini-reunion. Well technically it was supposed to be a networking event for the class of 2009. However, so many of my classmates were there that it was difficult to do much more than excitedly catch up with them. I’m not complaining!
Katie took off early on Sunday–far too soon–but it was a great week.

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  1. I am glad to see you enjoy your life and business in Lausanne. But I have to point out that you didn't ignore the beauty of summer there last year. I am the witness of your beach volleyball and running exercise during that period. I am also doing well in Seoul after the initial boring project. Overall, I am satisfied. You can find it if you can read my Chinese blog. Hopefully it's going to be in Korean soon. Alex

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