Eurotrip with the Bambino

Last week we returned from a week-long trip to Switzerland and Italy – with baby in tow – and it was quite an adventure! We began our trip with two days in Lausanne. My IMD MBA Class of 2008 was celebrating our 10-year reunion, which means I’ve now been blogging for more than 10 yearsContinue reading “Eurotrip with the Bambino”

A Few Days en Suisse

After the grand weekend in Paris, I took a detour of just a few days in Lausanne, Switzerland, before returning to the States. The trip on the TGV was wonderful as always. There is just something so civilized about traveling by train: plenty of space, Wi-fi, more-than-decent meals, and the gorgeous French countryside streaming byContinue reading “A Few Days en Suisse”

IMD MBA 2008 Reunion in Lausanne, Switzerland

Six years ago I first set foot in Switzerland for what would ultimately become a life-changing trip. Shortly after my exhausting, exhilarating day of interviews at IMD, I received my acceptance and decided to attend the intense, transformative one-year MBA program. And shortly after that I made my very first post on this blog! ThisContinue reading “IMD MBA 2008 Reunion in Lausanne, Switzerland”

Traveling Recommendations for Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland

Recently, I’ve had several requests from friends who have been traveling to Geneva on what to see/do. To avoid repeating myself, I’ve coalesced my responses into the following recommendations: Geneva Geneva frankly isn’t that much of a destination – it’s more of a place to live than it is to visit. While you’re there makeContinue reading “Traveling Recommendations for Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland”

A Swiss Day in Houston

Today was a very Swiss kind of day! OK, OK, let me explain, because Houston, Texas, is a pretty far cry from “Swiss!” What I mean is that today really felt a lot like my Swiss/IMD experience even though it was a Saturday in Houston. To start, the weather was gorgeous. Not a cloud inContinue reading “A Swiss Day in Houston”

Ah, Summer in Switzerland

I’ve just returned from a week in Lausanne, Switzerland that was both productive and refreshing. The original purpose of my trip was to attend IMD‘s annual meeting for presidents of its global alumni clubs. As the founder and president of the Houston alumni club, I was invited this year for the first time. As thisContinue reading “Ah, Summer in Switzerland”

The Next Chapter Begins–Sort Of

This week was really amazing. It began with my last day at Poken on Monday. After working all day to ensure that every last bit of my responsibility had been successfully transferred, we all went out for a drink (well, several). The team bought me a fondue set with which to remember Switzerland, which wasContinue reading “The Next Chapter Begins–Sort Of”