Exciting times!

After a full weekend of Poken work, yesterday I moved into my new apartment! Well, sort of. I have a bed, a sheet, a blanket (Thanks, Lee and Sam!), a pillow, a shower curtain, and a water filter. Oh right, and lots of bags! I thought I would be able to leech wireless Internet access from a local cafe, but no such luck. Until my DSL is installed I suppose I’ll be spending late nights at the office.

Last night I tried out the Thai restaurant next door to my new apartment. I was disappointed to learn that they don’t serve Pad Thai. What kind of Thai restaurant doesn’t serve Pad Thai?? Oh well, at least it’s open late 7 days/week–very rare, here in Lausanne!

Our software team is killing itself with this new interface right now. The developers are getting sick, not seeing their families, and living on caffeine. We’re taking a much-needed break right now to play darts–at which I am terrible–then it’s back to work. But, for a few minutes at least, we’re having a good time. 🙂

P.S. We need a ping pong table!

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