I Out-Googled Google

Last week a friend, who is a former professor of mine and leading authority on computer security, posted on Google+ a recommendation that people who have Google accounts should enable two-factor authentication. Basically this means that, if Google doesn’t recognize your device or location, it asks you for confirmation via another medium (phone or text)Continue reading “I Out-Googled Google”

Parlez-vous Francais?

Another day, another milestone. Today was the first day that I conducted over half of my conversations at work in French. Woohoo! Or make that le¬†woohoo! Note that I didn’t claim that it was good¬†French. Of course, no Frenchman would claim that any of the French spoken on this side of Lac Leman is “good.”Continue reading “Parlez-vous Francais?”

Google Interview

Yesterday morning I boarded the 8:20 AM train to Zurich. I’ve done this a few times before to go visit our ICP client. This time, however, I was going to interview with Google for a Product Manager position. I arrived in Zurich around 10:30 and used the Google Maps Walking Directions feature from my mobileContinue reading “Google Interview”

The Career Search Progresses

It was another productive week for my career search. My plans with GE Energy were solidified and I will fly to Florence tomorrow evening for interviews on Monday. I’m not really sure which position(s) they have in mind; I think it’s more of a “let’s get to know you and then, if we like you,Continue reading “The Career Search Progresses”

Some Good News

Monday I interviewed with Google for their Product Manager position. It sounds really cool–basically an internal entrepreneur/general manager with all the capital and smart people you could want to help make great ideas a reality. The people I know who are or have been Google PMs are really smart so I’m honored even to beContinue reading “Some Good News”