Taking Stryd Duo and Footpath To The Track

Today I finally had the chance to take the Stryd Duo and Footpath to the track. Having tested these new features last week on grass and pavement, I was eager to see what differences there might be on the track surface. I was also eager to see what differences there might be when running differentContinue reading “Taking Stryd Duo and Footpath To The Track”

Stryd Duo and Footpath Initial Impressions

Having used Stryd for running, training, and racing with power for more than eight years, I was excited when they announced a major new product update: the Stryd Duo and Stryd Footpath. Naturally, I was first in line to test out these new features, so here are my Stryd Duo and Footpath initial impressions. First,Continue reading “Stryd Duo and Footpath Initial Impressions”

Overture Ventures Investor Day

It was truly incredible to join Overture VC in Washington, D.C. last week for their first-ever Overture Ventures Investor Day. 🏛 An Incredible Program Overture brought together its LPs, founders, and leading public sector officials including Ali Zaidi, Jennifer Granholm, Ben Rhodes, Jigar Shah, and Ed Markey for a conversation about climate. 🤝 It wasContinue reading “Overture Ventures Investor Day”