I am not the King of the Beach . . . yet!

Yesterday I played in a King of the Beach tournament at Third Coast Volleyball. This means that, instead of showing up with a partner, each player shows up individually. Each player plays several games, each with a different partner. At the end, the results are tallied and the player with the most wins is theContinue reading “I am not the King of the Beach . . . yet!”

Sports Season Transition

There were two reasons to be depressed following the Super Bowl this year. The first was that Peyton Manning failed to win a second league championship. Colts special teams were poor and Manning couldn’t get any help at all from his receivers. Kudos to New Orleans, which played a great game of ballsy calls andContinue reading “Sports Season Transition”

I’m a Symphomaniac, MANIAC!

Last Thursday Katie and I attended a performance of the Houston Symphony Orchestra for the first time since my return to the US. We used to be full season subscribers to this truly world class orchestra and it was exciting to be back. That night was a great performance for which to return as itContinue reading “I’m a Symphomaniac, MANIAC!”

Long Time, No Blog

Sorry I’ve been off the scene for a while. Coming back from Italy there was a lot to do at work before gallavanting off to the US for the Nolte-Rakowitz wedding. Then, once over there, there was a lot to do trying to keep things moving forward remotely. My time in the US was veryContinue reading “Long Time, No Blog”