Hiking in Switzerland

A friend of mine recently asked me for hiking recommendations in Switzerland but, for better or worse, I spent most of my time running along the lake rather than hiking up into the mountains when I lived there. Finding myself woefully unable to advise him, I sought out hiking recommendations from my Swiss friends. HereContinue reading “Hiking in Switzerland”

Traveling in Switzerland

Quite often people ask me for advice when they are traveling to Switzerland. Given that I lived there for two years, it is embarrassing how little I know about the country but following are the travel suggestions I usually make. First, a few notes about Switzerland in general: It is just so incredibly full ofContinue reading “Traveling in Switzerland”

A Few Days en Suisse

After the grand weekend in Paris, I took a detour of just a few days in Lausanne, Switzerland, before returning to the States. The trip on the TGV was wonderful as always. There is just something so civilized about traveling by train: plenty of space, Wi-fi, more-than-decent meals, and the gorgeous French countryside streaming byContinue reading “A Few Days en Suisse”

IMD MBA 2008 Reunion in Lausanne, Switzerland

Six years ago I first set foot in Switzerland for what would ultimately become a life-changing trip. Shortly after my exhausting, exhilarating day of interviews at IMD, I received my acceptance and decided to attend the intense, transformative one-year MBA program. And shortly after that I made my very first post on this blog! ThisContinue reading “IMD MBA 2008 Reunion in Lausanne, Switzerland”

A Swiss Day in Houston

Today was a very Swiss kind of day! OK, OK, let me explain, because Houston, Texas, is a pretty far cry from “Swiss!” What I mean is that today really felt a lot like my Swiss/IMD experience even though it was a Saturday in Houston. To start, the weather was gorgeous. Not a cloud inContinue reading “A Swiss Day in Houston”

Turkey for Me, Turkey for You

The IMD MBA Class of 2008 reunion in Bodrum, Turkey was awesome! My Turkish classmate organized a trip to his homeland and invited the rest of us. As I was already on this side of the Atlantic I couldn’t pass up such an opportunity! My journey began very inauspiciously. I had planned down to theContinue reading “Turkey for Me, Turkey for You”

Swiss Productivity

Now that I am settling into my routine here in Switzerland, I’m becoming very productive! When not meeting with previous connections or networking with new connections, I’ve been spending most of my time powering through major objectives at the Smart Office Energy Solutions EMEA HQ. Sometimes this is by myself but I have also hadContinue reading “Swiss Productivity”

Settling in in Lutry

Slowly but surely I am settling into life in Lutry. It is very different than living in Lausanne–or even Ouchy–where I lived for one year each. Although Lausanne is only a city of 150,000 people, it is a bustling metropolis relative to the sleepy town of Lutry. I definitely feel less “connected” here–which is notContinue reading “Settling in in Lutry”