Morning Run in Houston

With the temperature down to 19° C (66° F) for the first time in several months, I took advantage and rose early for a morning jog along Buffalo Bayou in the heart of Houston. When I began, it was still dark and the crescent moon stood guard brilliantly in the cloudless sky. As I ran for an hour and a half, the sun rose and the stars faded, but the moon remained. Brilliant; my love affair with the moon continues. Poised above the downtown Houston skyline, it might not be quite as striking as I remember it over the mountainscapes in Switzerland, but still makes me smile.

  • There were a few takeaways from this morning’s run:
    Early exercise is a great way to start the day. Endorphins going, blood flowing, it really kicks the day off right.
  • Early exercise is a great way to prepare mentally for the day as well. By the end of my run I felt centered and [after a shower] ready to accomplish everything I had organized in my head during my 90 minutes of running meditation.
  • Houston’s bayous really are beautiful – lush green banks and smooth streams winding right through the center of our thriving metropolis. I live a short jog away from Buffalo Bayou and my office is right along it downtown; I didn’t realize how valuable that proximity would be when I moved in but now I’m extremely grateful for it!
  • There is a bond issue up for vote this November 6th to develop the parks along the bayous even further, tremendously enhancing and increasing Houston’s green space. I encourage everyone to learn more at Parks By You and to vote for it in November!

Published by Bryan Guido Hassin

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