2018 Winter Olympics Wrap-Up

Another Olympics has come and gone so it is once again time to take a look at who “won” the Games by several different metrics.┬áPer my previous posts, I continue to use a weighted scoring system to tally up Olympic medals by country. This year I once again tracked not just the medal counts butContinue reading “2018 Winter Olympics Wrap-Up”

Winter Olympics are Over

Last night marked the end of the Winter Olympics and we’re sad to see them go. At least they ended with a bang, Canada’s 3-2 overtime win over USA in men’s hockey–a riveting game that unfortunately came out with the wrong victor. Next time! The final weighted medal scores (Gold 5, Silver 3, Bronze 1)Continue reading “Winter Olympics are Over”

Sports Season Transition

There were two reasons to be depressed following the Super Bowl this year. The first was that Peyton Manning failed to win a second league championship. Colts special teams were poor and Manning couldn’t get any help at all from his receivers. Kudos to New Orleans, which played a great game of ballsy calls andContinue reading “Sports Season Transition”

Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics have begun and I once again find myself captivated by numerous sports that I don’t understand at all. There’s just something so fundamentally interesting about assembling the best in the world for fair competition, no matter the sport or event. Relative to the Winter Olympics of 2006, these games have more meaningContinue reading “Winter Olympics”

Olympics Scoring

After heated debate with my classmates from around the world, I have decided to revise my Olympics medal scoring system. While we all agree that points should be given for silver and bronze medals (After all, shouldn’t winning gold and silver be worth more than just winning gold alone?), the topic of dispute was howContinue reading “Olympics Scoring”

Swiss Dairy

Last night was fantastic. The entrepreneurs behind my spring startup project, deskNet, took my group out for a celebration dinner. This was something we intended to do back in May when the project finished, but final exams, Kenya, and vacation interfered. It was nice to take a break, though, as this way they could updateContinue reading “Swiss Dairy”