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I have completed my first week of life back in the US and what a productive week it has been! The time that I have not spent on enistic has been spent on very domestic activities. After unpacking my bags, Katie and I had to spend many evenings sorting through our stuff, deciding what to keep and organizing furniture for space efficiency. We made major progress and now there is a huge pile of stuff on the dining room table that we simply don’t need. If anyone is looking for a microwave, a toaster, a coffee maker, a George Foreman Grill, a TV/VCR, a dumbbell set, or any number of kitchenware items, don’t hesitate to let me know!

It wasn’t all work this week, though. Friday evening we had dinner with Katie’s coworkers at Indika, which was so, so good. The Indian food with a new kick is excellent, but the real standout is the cocktail menu–I recommend the Madras Mojito, although the chili dusted glass rim offers little solace from the spicy food.
Saturday began with a new gym membership. I’d like to join the new Rice Rec Center, but alumni can’t join until 2010 so I joined 24 Hour Fitness in the meantime. My first workout there felt great! My membership costs 1/4 of that of a Swiss gym and the equipment is ~1,000% better. Nothing against Swiss gyms–I certainly enjoyed my time there–but it is really nice to be back in a place where they take this seriously.
After the gym, it was time for more domestic activities. Whole Foods, Central Market, the farmer’s market, the recycling center–Katie and I are such hippies! We picked up lots of delicious, natural food–at least enough to last us the weekend! I was pleased that my little Smart Car got us around fine; I think it’s going to serve its purpose very well.
Saturday afternoon we went to the Rice football game. This started off very well with a Rice Engineering Alumni tailgate but quickly went downhill with a 63-14 loss to the US Naval Academy. After such a great 2008 season, this year’s slow start is tough to handle.
Sunday I reveled in two things: 1. more football all day and 2. stores that are open on Sundays!!!! I haven’t had the possibility to go to the store on Sunday for two years and boy did I miss it! After brunch at Mango’s, where I had jalapeno-cheese-stuffed french toast, we filled Sunday with more domestic hippie activities and some relaxation at home.
This will be another big week for enistic as I am pitching at the Austin Clean Energy Venture Summit. Wish me luck as I’m hoping for a big win!

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