Economic Inequality in America

Recently I’ve been seeing many facebook posts about a video describing the very lopsided distribution of wealth and income in the United States. The video is actually a year old but it has been given a new lease on life by upworthy and, at the time of this post, has more than 10,000,000 views. TheContinue reading “Economic Inequality in America”

The IMD Global Leadership Challenge is Over!

I’m so grateful for all the support I received in my participation in IMD’s Global Leadership Challenge! I finished #27 out of 5,380 contestants from 124 countries on five continents and I couldn’t have done it without all of the help I received. The contest was broken down into three sections, each of which embodiedContinue reading “The IMD Global Leadership Challenge is Over!”

A New Way

There’s a feeling I get When I look to the West And my spirit is crying for leaving –“Stairway to Heaven,” Led Zeppelin   After months of very hard, conflicted consideration I submitted my resignation to Poken on July 13th. In this blog entry I will lay out the reasons behind my decision and presentContinue reading “A New Way”

First Dip in the Lake

Strategy went well today and, to celebrate, Mario (Brazilian), Martin (Czech), Tomas (Slovakian), and I forewent studying for tomorrow’s IPE exam to play some beach volleyball. The weather, ~55 degrees F and drizzling rain, was hardly ideal, but we didn’t let that stop us. We played for about two hours straight and all of theContinue reading “First Dip in the Lake”

Bring on the Exams!

This weekend was pleasant and relaxing. I took care of many chores, wrote some papers, and, most importantly, played some beach volleyball. On Saturday our play was cut short by a scary storm that rolled in out of nowhere: very low, very dark clouds, high winds, and lots of lightning. No problem, though; we ranContinue reading “Bring on the Exams!”

US Immigration

Today’s IPE class featured discussion of Europe’s immigration policies and challenges. In much of the discussion, the US (along with Australia and Canada) was held up as an example of “good” immigration culture. Perhaps I’ve become so bogged down by the US media, where immigration is always a hot topic and our policies are alwaysContinue reading “US Immigration”

May Day

“First of May, first of May F%#&ing outdoors starts today.” –James Taylor Although it snowed briefly yesterday, the weather is still beautiful and I stick to my contention that Spring has arrived in Lausanne. People are coughing and sneezing a great deal in class so once again I am trying to remain physically and mentallyContinue reading “May Day”


Our International Political Economy class discussions have really heated up over the past few weeks. The topics are intentionally provocative and Jean-Pierre does a good job of mixing class time between his expert knowledge and our inter-student debate. As we have 44 countries represented in our class, it’s like participating in a mini-UN. Before ourContinue reading “Mini-UN”


We have begun two new classes this Mod that start with “IP.” The first, Innovation and Product Design (which I first covered in March), is taught by American professor David Robertson. David comes from the software world so I’m naturally very interested in his class. His most compelling feature, though, is his utter lack ofContinue reading “IPD and IPE”