First Dip in the Lake

Strategy went well today and, to celebrate, Mario (Brazilian), Martin (Czech), Tomas (Slovakian), and I forewent studying for tomorrow’s IPE exam to play some beach volleyball. The weather, ~55 degrees F and drizzling rain, was hardly ideal, but we didn’t let that stop us. We played for about two hours straight and all of theContinue reading “First Dip in the Lake”

Bring on the Exams!

This weekend was pleasant and relaxing. I took care of many chores, wrote some papers, and, most importantly, played some beach volleyball. On Saturday our play was cut short by a scary storm that rolled in out of nowhere: very low, very dark clouds, high winds, and lots of lightning. No problem, though; we ranContinue reading “Bring on the Exams!”

Today Was Another Great Day!

Arturo correctly identified T2 as the “best movie ever” in Finance this morning. I can’t think of a better way to learn about real options. Strategy was very interesting this afternoon as well. We covered strategies for multi-business corporate entities: how many businesses can a conglomerate reasonably manage and which ones should it keep/grow/divest? TheseContinue reading “Today Was Another Great Day!”

Burning Platforms of Change

Today was our second Strategy class with Canadian professor James Henderson. He’s a bit goofy, using accents and emphatic gestures in class, but he is already impressing me with how little I apparently know about strategy–which is ostensibly one of my strong suits! Jim led the case discussion of my IMD application interview (Part ofContinue reading “Burning Platforms of Change”