Bring on the Exams!

This weekend was pleasant and relaxing. I took care of many chores, wrote some papers, and, most importantly, played some beach volleyball. On Saturday our play was cut short by a scary storm that rolled in out of nowhere: very low, very dark clouds, high winds, and lots of lightning. No problem, though; we ran and took refuge in a nearby sailing club, where we had drinks and waited out the storm. The sunset after the storm was brilliant. Sunday there weren’t many people at the courts, which was no problem for me and Tomas. We were able to play for about two hours straight before returning to our studies.

On another, extremely positive note, the mighty Rice Owls baseball team defeated Sam Houston State, St. John’s, and UT (the most gratifying) to advance to the Super Regional tournament of the College World Series. We had a blast at last year’s Super Regional and I miss being able to attend in person. Looking at those pictures again brings a smile to my face.

We have today off to prepare for our four days of exams: Accounting, Finance, Strategy, and IPE. Today will mostly focus on Accounting preparation with some Finance mixed in as well. Strategy will be a case-based exam so not much preparation is possible until Wednesday evening, when we receive the case. The IPE exam will involve taking and defending a stance on a major world issue, citing evidence from disparate regions. It is open book/notes/Internet so, again, there isn’t much preparation I can do in advance.

The weather looks great today–not bad for beach volleyball! No, bad Bryan! Focus, focus . . .

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