Olympics Scoring

After heated debate with my classmates from around the world, I have decided to revise my Olympics medal scoring system. While we all agree that points should be given for silver and bronze medals (After all, shouldn’t winning gold and silver be worth more than just winning gold alone?), the topic of dispute was howContinue reading “Olympics Scoring”

May Day

“First of May, first of May F%#&ing outdoors starts today.” –James Taylor Although it snowed briefly yesterday, the weather is still beautiful and I stick to my contention that Spring has arrived in Lausanne. People are coughing and sneezing a great deal in class so once again I am trying to remain physically and mentallyContinue reading “May Day”


Our International Political Economy class discussions have really heated up over the past few weeks. The topics are intentionally provocative and Jean-Pierre does a good job of mixing class time between his expert knowledge and our inter-student debate. As we have 44 countries represented in our class, it’s like participating in a mini-UN. Before ourContinue reading “Mini-UN”

Brazilian High

Yesterday was awesome. It was full of surprises from our faculty, each one better than the last. Because some prospective students read this blog and because the surprises were critical to today’s success, I’ll refrain from any real explanation. The cool part was that it was our first day of cross-functional project work: addressing aContinue reading “Brazilian High”