Integrative Exercise v2.0 Is OVER!

Today was a great day. It marked the end of our final integrative exercise. So as not to ruin any surprises for next year’s class, my following description will be deliberately vague. Friday evening after class we received our first assignment, a case study of a company evaluating acquisition candidates. We were told that theContinue reading “Integrative Exercise v2.0 Is OVER!”

May Day

“First of May, first of May F%#&ing outdoors starts today.” –James Taylor Although it snowed briefly yesterday, the weather is still beautiful and I stick to my contention that Spring has arrived in Lausanne. People are coughing and sneezing a great deal in class so once again I am trying to remain physically and mentallyContinue reading “May Day”

Hassin 2 – Virus 0

For the second time this year I felt the beginning of a cold coming on. Unfortunately this time it was on Tuesday, just before our Integrated Exercise was to begin on Thursday. Given that the coming days would be intense and sleepless, I knew I needed to beat this thing or the IE would goContinue reading “Hassin 2 – Virus 0”