2010 Wrap-Up

Wow, 2010 was a hell of a year! I got engaged, got a dog, started up a company, lived in Switzerland for the summer, and really advanced a number of my personal and professional goals. A year ago I posted my resolutions for 2010 and periodically I have posted status updates (one week, one month,Continue reading “2010 Wrap-Up”

2010 Goal Progress

With January behind us, it’s time to reflect on my progress toward meeting this year’s new year’s resolutions. So far my weekly relationship goals have been met; I’m connecting with Katie, friends, family, mentors, and mentees (manatees?) as much as I set out to. My exercise and activity goals have largely been met, although myContinue reading “2010 Goal Progress”


Having looked back at 2009 in my last post, now it is time to look ahead to 2010. Following are my New Year’s resolutions laid out by category. I would like to publish these online and report on regular progress to maintain accountability. Can anyone recommend any good tools for this? Relationships   1. WeeklyContinue reading “2010”