The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful

Today marked a momentous turning point: I went to school with no coat! The weather was warm and the sky clear. At the risk of jinxing us, I think spring is here to stay after numerous false starts. The whole weekend is predicted to feature similarly gorgeous weather. Naturally this is probably the most work-ladenContinue reading “The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful”

Beach Volleyball Is BACK

Last night I skipped what was sure to be a great party to stay in and get some work done. There were three reasons for this painful decision: 1. My scholastic and extracurricular work has piled up; I really needed a productive weekend to catch up. 2. Tomorrow I will have an old friend inContinue reading “Beach Volleyball Is BACK”

I Am a Tug of Warrior!

As predicted, the mighty Rice Owls have retaken the national #4 ranking on their path to an inevitable #1 seed and College World Series championship. In honor of this ascent, I hereby devote my second consecutive post to sports. This time, instead of focusing on NCAA sports, I am focusing on the annual MBA Tournament,Continue reading “I Am a Tug of Warrior!”