CleanTech Open National Academy

I’ve just returned from the National Academy of the Cleantech Open, for which Smart Office Energy Solutions was selected as a Regional Semifinalist, in San Jose, CA. The Academy was a four-day affair of workshops and networking for Cleantech entrepreneurs who had made it into the semi-finals. The jury is still out on whether competingContinue reading “CleanTech Open National Academy”

Green Job Creation Is the Wrong Argument

A friend of mine asked for my response to an article titled “The False Promise of Green Jobs.” The article contends that “green” governmental policies will not result in net creation of jobs because: A. these new green jobs will be offset by job losses in the “conventional” energy sector and B. green energy isContinue reading “Green Job Creation Is the Wrong Argument”

US Cleantech Energy Policy => #fail

A recent post by Battery Ventures VP Mike Dauber on the Obama administration’s challenge to cleantech entrepreneurs generated some discussion among my friends and colleagues. One point of focus was whether or not this really is our “Sputnik moment” and, if so, whether the race to the Moon was really worthwhile anyway. Responding to thisContinue reading “US Cleantech Energy Policy => #fail”

The Next Chapter Begins–Sort Of

This week was really amazing. It began with my last day at Poken on Monday. After working all day to ensure that every last bit of my responsibility had been successfully transferred, we all went out for a drink (well, several). The team bought me a fondue set with which to remember Switzerland, which wasContinue reading “The Next Chapter Begins–Sort Of”