Rice Not Representin’

Ouch. Rice’s debut game in this year’s College World Series was abysmal: a 17-5 loss to Fresno State. We went through seven pitchers and gave up three home runs. Only late in the game did we mount any offense at all and, by then, it was too little too late. Oh well, as one announcerContinue reading “Rice Not Representin’”

The Oracle of Omaha

When I first heard that Buffett would be coming to IMD, I was ecstatic. When I learned that it was Warren Buffett, not Jimmy, I was disappointed but still pretty excited. We prepared and analyzed a case involving Berkshire Hathaway’s first international acquisition, Iscar, and were joined by Buffett and Icsar’s CEO, Eitan Wertheimer. AlthoughContinue reading “The Oracle of Omaha”