Movie Night (and Day)

What a day, yesterday. I didn’t leave my apartment at all but not because I was studying. I spent most of the day watching movies, one of my favorite pastimes.

In preparation for our Discovery Expedition to Kenya I watched two assigned films: Darwin’s Nightmare and The Last King of Scotland. Darwin’s Nightmare is a documentary about the fishing industry in Tanzania, where foreigners smuggle arms in and export fish out while the locals starve. Not pleasant.

No less pleasant were some of the scenes in The Last King of Scotland, in which Forest Whitaker brilliantly plays brutal Ugandan dictator Idi Amin. The plot was very similar to that of Playing God, which I regard as one of the worst movies ever made. The two movies have another connection: Playing God stars David Duchovny while The Last King of Scotland stars his x-files costar Gillian Anderson. Gillian wins this round; hers was a good movie and I’m glad I finally saw it.

To lighten things up I also watched Dan in Real Life. There wasn’t much to this romantic comedy, but it was a refreshing way to wrap up the movie day. Then it was on to more important things, like watching Rice beat Texas A&M 9 – 6. Another victory today will secure the Owls’ third consecutive trip to the CWS. I wish I could be there for the games, but, since I can’t, thank goodness for the Internet!

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4 thoughts on “Movie Night (and Day)

  1. You\’re right about Last King of Scotland. It\’s a very good film. But I\’d hardly call it a Gillian Anderson film. Blink and you miss her. Leave her character out and it would not have made a difference in MHO.

  2. True that, but she is one of the first-billed in the credits so I felt comfortable saying she \”starred\” in it. Mostly, though, it just made for a much less complicated sentence. 🙂

  3. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE OWLS. And of course, THE MIAMI HURRICANES! The stage is set. Let the games begin. I couldn\’t find any info on the actual CWS match-ups yet, but the Hurricanes are prepared to drop a beating on some idiots (Seminoles), some nerds (Stanford), and finally some more nerds: RICE. Congratulations to the OWLS for crushing the Aggies! Just remember, \”THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE\” (and notice that there is a #1 next to MIAMI!) AH!NICK \”THE ADOPTED SON OF THE REPUBLIC AND BELOVED SON OF MIAMI\” FARMERP.S. We have a slugger on our team named \”Yonder Alonso\” – I think \”Yonder\” is about the coolest name for a home run hitter I\’ve ever heard…where\’d that ball go? Over Yonder.

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