Winter Olympics are Over

Last night marked the end of the Winter Olympics and we’re sad to see them go. At least they ended with a bang, Canada’s 3-2 overtime win over USA in men’s hockey–a riveting game that unfortunately came out with the wrong victor. Next time!

The final weighted medal scores (Gold 5, Silver 3, Bronze 1) for the top countries were as follows:
USA 103
Germany and Canada 96
Norway 75
South Korea 50
Austria 44
Russia 37
China and Sweden 35
Switzerland 33
Well done to all the athletes; I look forward to the 2014 games!
Over the past two weeks Katie and I have become accustomed to having some TV on in the background while we cook. Now that the Olympics are over, we’ve begun making our way through all of the seasons of Seinfeld–chronologically, of course!
What a show! We’re just getting started with it and it’s amazing to see the early episodes–now 20 years old! Everything seems so . . . scripted. It’s almost like watching a small ensemble play. The actors aren’t comfortable in their characters yet so their acting seems very . . . intentional. Still, the comedy is good and we’ve had several laugh out loud moments already.
Great stuff! So thank you, NBC, for both the Olympics and Seinfeld! And 30 Rock! And The Office! Now if only you had football . . .

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