It’s a beautiful day here in Lausanne: sunny and 50 degrees F. Naturally we’re stuck indoors in Finance class all day! But things could be worse. Professor Arturo Bris has made engaging what is usually considered a dry subject. As we wade through CAPM, IRR, and NPV, Arturo’s simple, humorous presentation style renders key conceptsContinue reading “Finance”

I Heart Opera!

Tonight’s attendance of La Bohème by the Opéra de Lausanne was magnificent. Aside from featuring a great Musetta, the performance itself wasn’t exceptional, but it’s still hard not to enjoy such a wonderful libretto and score. It reminds me why I love opera so much. It’s an art that features music, singing, acting, dancing, elaborateContinue reading “I Heart Opera!”

Does life get better than this?

Last night was awesome: no studying, no partying; just great wine and even better conversation with a colleague followed by an early bedtime. Then I woke up early this morning and went for a run along the lake. It was cold by my standards, about 20 degrees F, so I really appreciated the Underarmour ColdGearContinue reading “Does life get better than this?”

Saturday Night Fever

Last night was a blast. At least a third of our class made it out to l’Atelier Volant, a night club in Lausanne’s Flon district. Several girls in our class have been going there practically every weekend so I figured it must be good. Surely they would have hookups with bartenders, doormen, etc. Objectively speaking,Continue reading “Saturday Night Fever”

Happy Chinese New Year!

Welcome to the Year of the Mouse! It has been a wonderful weekend of work, wine, and winter weather. When I woke up this morning to work on a Leadership paper, the crescent moon was bright over the snowy mountains, the stars were reflecting off the serene lake, and there wasn’t a cloud in theContinue reading “Happy Chinese New Year!”

I have a Swiss bank account!

Unfortunately it doesn’t have any money in it yet and, when it does, it will all be allocated to tuition and living expenses, not to hidden savings. Still, it feels cool to have a Swiss bank account! Along with the bank account I now have a Swiss visa and a place to live. My apartmentContinue reading “I have a Swiss bank account!”