Saturday Night Fever

Last night was a blast. At least a third of our class made it out to l’Atelier Volant, a night club in Lausanne’s Flon district. Several girls in our class have been going there practically every weekend so I figured it must be good. Surely they would have hookups with bartenders, doormen, etc.

Objectively speaking, I was a little disappointed with it. First off, no such hookups existed. This may just be a difference between European and American clubs, but I suspect that it’s not universal. If my Houstonian partner in crime (whose birthday it was yesterday–Happy birthday, Cox!) and I had been to a place several times, I think we would have established more relationships–as we did when we took St. Martin by storm.

The club featured three levels, each with a different style of music. The upstairs was purportedly 80s music. It turned out actually to be mostly 70s and 90s, without a great selection of either. When pressed for 80s staples, the DJ didn’t even recognize most of the names (although that could have been affected by my French skills!). I miss The Handsomes. At least this floor DID have Top Gun playing in the background, although most people there didn’t know the movie well enough to catch quote references. I miss my wing man.

The middle floor was salsa/latin, but we didn’t spend any time on this floor. The bottom floor was supposed to be Top 40 and it was . . . from four years ago. By the time we made it down there, it was nearing time for my departure and hearing the same tired reggaeton beats over and over again (which, apparently, are the same songs they play there every Saturday night) reinforced my decision to go.

Griping aside, I had an awesome time. It was great to get out there and let loose for a few hours. Each time more members of our class showed up there was this great feeling of inclusion and excitement as we welcomed them to . . . somewhere that wasn’t IMD! We had one classmate with a birthday and another with his wife’s birthday so it was fun to celebrate with them. It’s actually a good thing that the club didn’t wow me. If they had been playing classic 80s and/or rock upstairs or good hip hop downstairs, I may have been caught up in my own energy and stayed way too long. Instead I extracted myself by ~1:15, got some reading done at home, and went to bed in preparation for a morning workout–which I’m off to now!

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  1. Damn right we would have owned that place! They would have been begging us to some back after one time. Well at least the bartender would have after we got her wasted off mystery shots.

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