Delinquent Blogger

I’m sorry to all my readers for taking so long to post an update. The last week has been very hectic for me between finishing school, career search, and preparing for the post-IMD tansition. Let me bring you up to speed in a few areas: Classes Last week we finished our second and final weekContinue reading “Delinquent Blogger”


This weekend I finished reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, my favorite (so far) of the movies. It was a great read and I’m really enjoying the extra depth that the books provide–both of the plot and of the character development. Although it may sound blasphemous, I find that there are some scenesContinue reading “Electives”

Condom Understanding

Yesterday was the first presentation to our ICP client, the definitive end of Phase I. ICPs usually follow a four phase format: I: Industry Analysis – understand the client’s industry and which factors are key to succeeding in itII: Company Analysis – benchmark the client against those key success factors, identify gaps, and recommend initiativesContinue reading “Condom Understanding”

International Consulting Project

The results are in! This evening we received our assignments for our International Consulting Projects (ICPs). The ICPs are projects wherein groups of four or five IMD students work on a major strategic project for companies around the world, reporting directly to CEOs or other top management. Each group works closely with an IMD facultyContinue reading “International Consulting Project”

Missed Opportunities

In Friday’s POM class, Corey focused on knowledge brokering–how to find solutions to problems instead of solving them. As part of the lecture, he walked us through his own knowledge brokering experience at HP, which led to the invention of several products. One of these products was the HP Universal Notebook Expansion Base, which IContinue reading “Missed Opportunities”

Production and Operations Management

American professor Corey Billington teaches our Production and Operations Management class where we never know exactly what we’re going to get. Our first few sessions were focused on supply chain optimization but now we have transitioned into driving innovation. Today’s case is about one of the world’s largest power & gas companies which created anContinue reading “Production and Operations Management”