Third Derivative Six Month Update

It has been six months since I began as Cofounder and CEO of Third Derivative. Below is a very long assessment of how things are going but the TLDR is that I am really thriving in this role, loving my team, and feeling really good about this decision! What is Third Derivative?A joint venture ofContinue reading “Third Derivative Six Month Update”

Third Derivative: My Next Great Adventure

Far over the misty mountains coldTo dungeons deep and caverns oldWe must away ere break of dayTo seek the pale enchanted gold. I have founded or led eight climate tech startups. I’ve had one really big success, a few smaller successes, and a few “learning experiences” along the way – but every one of themContinue reading “Third Derivative: My Next Great Adventure”

New Job

I have accepted a position as Product Manager for Poken. The company is based here in Lausanne and has created a small, key-chain-like hardware product that connects people on online social networks (facebook, linkedin, etc.) after they have “connected” (touched their hardware devices together) in real life. The goal is to bring a physical, real-world interface toContinue reading “New Job”

Positive Energy

Yesterday I spent all day interviewing with Positive Energy, a startup software company that helps residential energy users consume less electricity, natural gas, and other forms of energy. It’s one of the few opportunities I’ve found that would really marry my passions for addressing the global energy challenge and innovating game-changing software. Before the interviewsContinue reading “Positive Energy”

Google Interview

Yesterday morning I boarded the 8:20 AM train to Zurich. I’ve done this a few times before to go visit our ICP client. This time, however, I was going to interview with Google for a Product Manager position. I arrived in Zurich around 10:30 and used the Google Maps Walking Directions feature from my mobileContinue reading “Google Interview”


I feel good about the GE O&G interviews yesterday. The people I met with were smart, motivated and were working on intersting, impactful challenges. The company clearly has the potential for major impact on the world’s energy supply and carbon footprint. Furthermore it is part of a corporation that also is doing more and moreContinue reading “GE O&G”

The Career Search Progresses

It was another productive week for my career search. My plans with GE Energy were solidified and I will fly to Florence tomorrow evening for interviews on Monday. I’m not really sure which position(s) they have in mind; I think it’s more of a “let’s get to know you and then, if we like you,Continue reading “The Career Search Progresses”

Some Good News

Monday I interviewed with Google for their Product Manager position. It sounds really cool–basically an internal entrepreneur/general manager with all the capital and smart people you could want to help make great ideas a reality. The people I know who are or have been Google PMs are really smart so I’m honored even to beContinue reading “Some Good News”

Interview Failure

Today ended four days full of interview preparation and interviews themselves. On Tuesday and Thursday I had my two “big company” interviews with Shell and British Telecom respectively. They were both very structured, including cases, and really more “assessments” than interviews. Insomuch as I wasn’t invited for the next round by either company, I failedContinue reading “Interview Failure”

Blues, BBQ, Football, and Cool Weather

I have fond memories of this time of year in Virginia. As the weather would cool and it would feel more like autumn, I would be consumed by the excitement of heading back to school and . . . the football season! The weekend ritual was wonderful: Friday night: high school football under the fridayContinue reading “Blues, BBQ, Football, and Cool Weather”