BBQ and Fitness in Houston

I spent the last week in Houston for business but, of course, managed to pack in social, culinary, and fitness adventures a plenty! The culinary highlight by far was my first visit to Killen’s BBQ, which has taken the Houston BBQ scene by storm over the last two years. To be honest I was prettyContinue reading “BBQ and Fitness in Houston”

Austin Capitol 10k Race Report

This weekend Katie and I drove up to Austin to see friends and run in the Capitol 10k, Texas’s largest running event. We drove up Saturday afternoon, listening to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (where we had left off from the Easter trip) along the way. The wild flowers were in full bloomContinue reading “Austin Capitol 10k Race Report”

BBQ, Blues, and Football

Yesterday was very productive. I met with a former US Deputy Secretary of Energy to discuss which companies had the most potential for global impact. He was very helpful and provided several interesting leads, especially around companies that specialize in the IT side of the energy world. Then the evening was wonderful. I sat aroundContinue reading “BBQ, Blues, and Football”