Parenting Recommendations 1

Recently several of our friends have become pregnant for the first time, which has motivated us to send them lots of unsolicited advice. While our suggestions may be worth exactly what they’re paying for them, I’m posting them here in case others might find them helpful. In no particular order, here are our first few:Continue reading “Parenting Recommendations 1”

Spring in Chapel Hill

There’s no other way to describe it: spring in Chapel Hill is paradise. Cool evenings, warm days, some April showers, but mostly sunny – this is the stuff! It reminds me of summers in Lausanne, except that it’s not summer yet and there isn’t the same feeling of kids off from school, summer vacation/holidays, etc.Continue reading “Spring in Chapel Hill”

Hill Running in North Carolina

Blogger’s note: I no longer use the term “Redskins” but am leaving my prior references intact in the spirit of learning. They don’t call it Chapel Hill for nothing. While the hills here in North Carolina’s Research Triangle are nothing compared to the steep slopes of Lausanne, which is built up the side of aContinue reading “Hill Running in North Carolina”

Life in Chapel Hill

Having moved into our Chapel Hill home nearly a month ago, I now have some reasonably concrete thoughts about life here. The biggest impression made on me so far is the area’s dichotomy between being a large metropolitan area of two million people but having a really small town feel. Durham may feel a littleContinue reading “Life in Chapel Hill”

Gone To Carolina In My Mind

Katie and I are moving to Chapel Hill, North Carolina! Those closest to us already know, but it’s time to make this announcement public. Next month Katie will begin a PhD program in nutritional anthropology at the University of North Carolina. This process actually began more than four years ago as Katie became very concernedContinue reading “Gone To Carolina In My Mind”