The First Cleanweb Hackathon in Texas

Last weekend marked the culmination of a special project I’ve been working on for many months: bringing the┬áCleanweb Hackathon to Houston! Cleanweb is a global movement of people developing IT-based “clean” technologies instead of the traditional “cleantech” like solar and wind which require massive investments and decades to commercialize. The purpose of a cleanweb hackathonContinue reading “The First Cleanweb Hackathon in Texas”

Google Interview

Yesterday morning I boarded the 8:20 AM train to Zurich. I’ve done this a few times before to go visit our ICP client. This time, however, I was going to interview with Google for a Product Manager position. I arrived in Zurich around 10:30 and used the Google Maps Walking Directions feature from my mobileContinue reading “Google Interview”

Some Good News

Monday I interviewed with Google for their Product Manager position. It sounds really cool–basically an internal entrepreneur/general manager with all the capital and smart people you could want to help make great ideas a reality. The people I know who are or have been Google PMs are really smart so I’m honored even to beContinue reading “Some Good News”

Fall Has Arrived

It’s 50 degrees F, it’s raining, and leaves are strewn along the ground. Fall has definitively arrived and I think my days of beach volleyball here in Lausanne are numbered. Good thing I have a trip to Houston, where the beach volleyball season extends from March to December, coming up in a week! Speaking ofContinue reading “Fall Has Arrived”