Right Place Right Time For Climatetech

Many lives ago I was CTO of a startup that built the largest DVD rental machine network in the world. We were acquired by RedBox, our largest competitor at the time, but before that happened it was amazing to participate on the front lines of a market in the throes of massive disruption. One dayContinue reading “Right Place Right Time For Climatetech”

Running With Power

For the last six months, I have been trying out a new gadget for running. It’s called Stryd and it’s a power meter for runners. Cyclists have been using power meters for decades to optimize their training and racing, so I was intrigued by the prospect of applying the same advantage to running. Why Power?Continue reading “Running With Power”

I Out-Googled Google

Last week a friend, who is a former professor of mine and leading authority on computer security, posted on Google+ a recommendation that people who have Google accounts should enable two-factor authentication. Basically this means that, if Google doesn’t recognize your device or location, it asks you for confirmation via another medium (phone or text)Continue reading “I Out-Googled Google”