The Vibram Five Fingers Lawsuit

Last month it was reported that Vibram, the company that makes the Five Fingers minimalist footwear in which I run, decided to settle a class action lawsuit against it rather than take it to trial. Many of my Facebook friends posted incendiary sensational articles about it on my wall as if to say, “I toldContinue reading “The Vibram Five Fingers Lawsuit”

Hill Running in North Carolina

Blogger’s note: I no longer use the term “Redskins” but am leaving my prior references intact in the spirit of learning. They don’t call it Chapel Hill for nothing. While the hills here in North Carolina’s Research Triangle are nothing compared to the steep slopes of Lausanne, which is built up the side of aContinue reading “Hill Running in North Carolina”

Bayou City Classic 10k 2012 Race Report

Despite horrible running conditions, I PR’ed in yesterday’s Bayou City Classic 10k. I hadn’t raced a 10k for nearly a year but theoretically my fitness has improved since last March and I’ve been mixing in some 10k training runs since January. My goal with this race was to beat my 44:41 PR (set in lastContinue reading “Bayou City Classic 10k 2012 Race Report”

Houston Great Pumpkin Run 5k Race Report

Saturday I set a new PR at the Houston Great Pumpkin Run 5k. In the week leading up to the run I had a sore throat and even lost my voice (while yelling all night at a Huey Lewis and the News concert, so it’s my own fault), so I made a morning-of decision whetherContinue reading “Houston Great Pumpkin Run 5k Race Report”

Successes and Failures

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks. For some time I have been intensely focused on the CleanTech Open, a nation-wide contest of startups that are working on the challenges of energy, water, and buildings. We were honored to have been selected as semifinalists for the South Central Region back in May. Finally inContinue reading “Successes and Failures”

Houston Heights 5k 2011 Race Report

Saturday I set a new 5k PR at the Houston Heights 5k race. As we are now in the time of year when Houston is murderously hot and humid, I had intended to be done with races until late Fall. However, our Norwegian intern, Anders, who is a much more accomplished runner than I am,Continue reading “Houston Heights 5k 2011 Race Report”

My Metabolic Profile

Yesterday I had a full metabolic assessment performed to calculate my body’s profile for converting oxygen, fat, and carbs into energy. Frankly I didn’t really know what this meant when I signed up, but it seemed like it would provide some really interesting data (and it is well documented how much I drool over data!)Continue reading “My Metabolic Profile”