The Vibram Five Fingers Lawsuit

Last month it was reported that Vibram, the company that makes the Five Fingers minimalist footwear in which I run, decided to settle a class action lawsuit against it rather than take it to trial. Many of my Facebook friends posted incendiary sensational articles about it on my wall as if to say, “I toldContinue reading “The Vibram Five Fingers Lawsuit”

10k Race Report

Yesterday I ran my first real 10k, the HEB Bayou City Classic. Per my previous blog post, I’ve been loosely training for it the past few weeks. Thursday I loaded up on complex carbs, Friday I took it pretty easy, and Saturday morning I woke up early and ready to go. The weather forecast wasContinue reading “10k Race Report”

2010 Goal Progress

With January behind us, it’s time to reflect on my progress toward meeting this year’s new year’s resolutions. So far my weekly relationship goals have been met; I’m connecting with Katie, friends, family, mentors, and mentees (manatees?) as much as I set out to. My exercise and activity goals have largely been met, although myContinue reading “2010 Goal Progress”