Spring in Chapel Hill

There’s no other way to describe it: spring in Chapel Hill is paradise. Cool evenings, warm days, some April showers, but mostly sunny – this is the stuff! It reminds me of summers in Lausanne, except that it’s not summer yet and there isn’t the same feeling of kids off from school, summer vacation/holidays, etc. yet.

After enduring a very cold February and then a March that couldn’t quite seem to let go of winter, April arrived and it has been pretty glorious ever since. Beach volleyball, running, and even just walking the dog are true pleasures now. In fact, Smart Office Energy Solutions has set up offices in Chapel Hill and one of the advantages is that walking to work is really nice right now.

It really is neat being back in a place with four seasons as it creates a much more dynamic environment. When we first moved in, we had no idea that we had so many neighbors because they were all hidden by the dense woods between our houses. As the leaves fell, nearby houses began to appear. Now that it is spring, every time we go outdoors there is more and thicker foliage than before. What was a barren forest just weeks ago is now a vibrant green and is teaming with life. Once again our home feels like an isolated treehouse hidden away in the forest.

There’s something about the cycle of seasons that just seems so . . . natural. I’m not sure which is my favorite, spring or fall, but I am really loving the opportunity to experience them both again!

Published by Bryan Guido Hassin

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