Guest Post: Memo to Expecting Parents

This is a guest blog post from Katie, an amazing mother, partner, friend, and scientist: To my expecting friends, Congratulations on this exciting, terrifying and amazing path you are traversing! Here are a few musings that may be worth exactly what you are paying for them, but they are things I was thankful others preparedContinue reading “Guest Post: Memo to Expecting Parents”

Parenting Recommendations 3: Parenting Books

My final post on parenting for the moment: here’s a list of postpartumĀ parenting books I’ve read so far, again sorted by my rating, descending. The Science of Mom (another evidence-based book for the first year postpartum) is the only top ranked of these for which I have notes: Good review of scientific method, publication DelayedContinue reading “Parenting Recommendations 3: Parenting Books”

Parenting Recommendations 2: Prenatal Books

Each time we became pregnant, I was both elated and scared as it reminded me that I don’t know anything about babies! My way of dealing with that anxiety was to read everything I could get my hands on. And since we were cumulatively pregnant much longer than nine months, I managed to read aContinue reading “Parenting Recommendations 2: Prenatal Books”

Parenting Recommendations 1

Recently several of our friends have become pregnant for the first time, which has motivated us to send them lots of unsolicited advice. While our suggestions may be worth exactly what they’re paying for them, I’m posting them here in case others might find them helpful. In no particular order, here are our first few:Continue reading “Parenting Recommendations 1”

On Fatherhood on Father’s Day

Today was my first Father’s Day as the father of a living human child, a day of great joy and reflection. It began with a trail walk together as a family, continued with boot camp so I can try to stave off this dad bod, peaked with a Texas BBQ family brunch, and now it’sContinue reading “On Fatherhood on Father’s Day”

On Infertility, Loss, Life, and Love

As astute followers of my blog know, Memorial Day – and May 28th in particular – is a significant day for me. Although the holiday is intended for remembrance of those who died while serving in the US armed forces, it is also the day my father died and so, for the last 28 years,Continue reading “On Infertility, Loss, Life, and Love”

Should Your Kid Be Allowed to Play Football?

The football world was rocked this week when Chris Borland, a promising, young linebacker for the SF 49ers, decided to retire rather than risk lifelong injury. As more and more evidence has been mounting that repeated head trauma (even when protected by a helmet) can have a lifelong, cumulative effect, this early retirement calls theContinue reading “Should Your Kid Be Allowed to Play Football?”