Solar-powered Clothing

Tuesday marked the end of Phase III of our ICP. The presentation went well and it felt great to move on to our fourth and final phase. Before that begins next week, however, we had the rest of this week off for recruiting activities. I didn’t waste any time and less than one hour afterContinue reading “Solar-powered Clothing”


I feel good about the GE O&G interviews yesterday. The people I met with were smart, motivated and were working on intersting, impactful challenges. The company clearly has the potential for major impact on the world’s energy supply and carbon footprint. Furthermore it is part of a corporation that also is doing more and moreContinue reading “GE O&G”

Some Good News

Monday I interviewed with Google for their Product Manager position. It sounds really cool–basically an internal entrepreneur/general manager with all the capital and smart people you could want to help make great ideas a reality. The people I know who are or have been Google PMs are really smart so I’m honored even to beContinue reading “Some Good News”

BBQ, Blues, and Football

Yesterday was very productive. I met with a former US Deputy Secretary of Energy to discuss which companies had the most potential for global impact. He was very helpful and provided several interesting leads, especially around companies that specialize in the IT side of the energy world. Then the evening was wonderful. I sat aroundContinue reading “BBQ, Blues, and Football”

Blues, BBQ, Football, and Cool Weather

I have fond memories of this time of year in Virginia. As the weather would cool and it would feel more like autumn, I would be consumed by the excitement of heading back to school and . . . the football season! The weekend ritual was wonderful: Friday night: high school football under the fridayContinue reading “Blues, BBQ, Football, and Cool Weather”


Day 1 of interviews is over and it went pretty well. Before I left my apartment in the morning I was listening to Bob Dylan’s discography. The superb quality of his decades of poetry is the subject of another entire post, but this morning I just had him on for background music. When it cameContinue reading “Interviews”

Fall Has Arrived

It’s 50 degrees F, it’s raining, and leaves are strewn along the ground. Fall has definitively arrived and I think my days of beach volleyball here in Lausanne are numbered. Good thing I have a trip to Houston, where the beach volleyball season extends from March to December, coming up in a week! Speaking ofContinue reading “Fall Has Arrived”

Full Day in Naivasha

Thursday began with a jog around the premises and along the local roads with Bevan (Kiwi) and Rich (American). “Around the premises” accidentally included “through the latrine runoff area.” This required deft maneuvering to avoid stepping in human waste. I’m not sure I succeeded. Running along the roads was an experience too. All the childrenContinue reading “Full Day in Naivasha”

First Full Day in Nairobi

Today was a busy Saturday, packed with meetings with the Swiss ambassador to Kenya, the executive director of Climate Network Africa, and the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in charge of Kenya’s Diaspora. We were also due to meet with the Prime Minister, Minister of Trade, and former Minister of Finance, butContinue reading “First Full Day in Nairobi”