Day 1 of interviews is over and it went pretty well. Before I left my apartment in the morning I was listening to Bob Dylan’s discography. The superb quality of his decades of poetry is the subject of another entire post, but this morning I just had him on for background music. When it came to All Along the Watchtower, I was inspired to swap out Dylan for the Jimi Hendrix rendition.

Oh yeah, that was just what I needed to start the morning off right. It took me back to middle school days, working out with my brother Nick, when we had just discovered a different kind of poetry–the electric kind that came out of Jimi’s guitar. It put an extra spring in my step, as did the crisp, clear autumn weather en route to campus.

My scheduled interview with the MTS group, an Italian heating system manufacturer that is going green, went well and there could be a fit there. I met GE Energy at the career fair and they were interested enough in my profile to schedule an ad hoc interview. It went well and we identified some positions where there could be a fit.

It was not all sunshine and rainbows, however. After talking with the Amazon rep, it seems that the position I had identified there was not a great match for me. They clearly thought likewise as they declined to interview me, encouraging me to email a CV and cover letter. Perhaps that’s what they told everyone who wasn’t a German speaker looking for supply chain positions (for which they definitely were interviewing), but I’m less enthused about the opportunity with them regardless.

Tomorrow I interview with Shell, hoping to learn about their commitment to sustainability and demonstrate to them my “capacity, achievement, and relationships .” Then it is time to focus on off-campus recruiting for a couple of days before my interview with British Telecom. Bring it on!

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