Everything’s Bigger in Texas!

Today was a day of mixed emotions. It was our last day of ICA/E and the last day of the month. It’s hard to believe that we’ve come far enough to have completed one of our courses already! That is one of the side effects of such an intense program; just blink and time hasContinue reading “Everything’s Bigger in Texas!”


I’m not sure if it is intentional or not (I suspect it is, as every part of this program has been planned out in excruciating detail.) but over the past two weeks our courses have taken on a sustainability theme. In Entrepreneurship we have been studying cases of social entrepreneurs, startups that help people and/orContinue reading “Sustainability”

Production and Operations Management

American professor Corey Billington teaches our Production and Operations Management class where we never know exactly what we’re going to get. Our first few sessions were focused on supply chain optimization but now we have transitioned into driving innovation. Today’s case is about one of the world’s largest power & gas companies which created anContinue reading “Production and Operations Management”

Cigars and Porto

Cigars and port go together like ramalamalamalamalama-dingdong. Tonight’s meeting of the IMD Cigar Society was a wonderful, relaxing experience with 15 or so current and former IMD students. I puffed on a Monte Cristo while catching up with classmates and meeting alumni. Although I broke my rule of never drinking vintage port younger than IContinue reading “Cigars and Porto”


It’s a beautiful day here in Lausanne: sunny and 50 degrees F. Naturally we’re stuck indoors in Finance class all day! But things could be worse. Professor Arturo Bris has made engaging what is usually considered a dry subject. As we wade through CAPM, IRR, and NPV, Arturo’s simple, humorous presentation style renders key conceptsContinue reading “Finance”

I heart opera!

Tonight’s attendance of La Bohème by the Opéra de Lausanne was magnificent. Aside from featuring a great Musetta, the performance itself wasn’t exceptional, but it’s still hard not to enjoy such a wonderful libretto and score. It reminds me why I love opera so much. It’s an art that features music, singing, acting, dancing, elaborateContinue reading “I heart opera!”

Men, Men, Men, We are Stout-hearted Men!

Today was a great day. Accounting has moved from archaic ledgers to useful tools (cashflow forecasting and investment valuation, for example) and our afternoon was spent with our leadership coaches working through issues in our study group dynamics. There were some difficult topics in those discussions but the fact that we are addressing them feelsContinue reading “Men, Men, Men, We are Stout-hearted Men!”

Leading People in Organizations

I’ve made it to 1971 in my American popular music journey. This year marks the first major appearances of Rod Stewart, Carole King, the Bee Gees, Al Green, Bill Withers, solo Beatles artists, and many others. It also marks Tom Jones’s surprising (to me), continued popularity. As I find lyrics distracting, I’ve been listening toContinue reading “Leading People in Organizations”