Swiss Dairy

Last night was fantastic. The entrepreneurs behind my spring startup project, deskNet, took my group out for a celebration dinner. This was something we intended to do back in May when the project finished, but final exams, Kenya, and vacation interfered. It was nice to take a break, though, as this way they could updateContinue reading “Swiss Dairy”


Yesterday we made our final presentation for our startup project. After four months of working to add value to our client company, we are enthusiastic about its prospects so had no trouble presenting it positively to our jury of VCs and entrepreneurs. They asked tough questions which made for a challenging, valuable experience. To celebrate,Continue reading “Carmen”

Living the Startup Dream

A major component of our IMD entrepreneurship education is the Startup Project. 18 startup companies have come to IMD asking for “help.” “Help” means anything from business strategy to market research to marketing to manufacturing and production optimization to HR to . . . any other aspect of business. Frequently they need help with severalContinue reading “Living the Startup Dream”