Out-of-Town Visitors

On Sunday I had lunch with Will, a family friend who swung through town during his summer travels. Will is one of the most brilliant, accomplished people I know and it was great to spend some time with him. He is a Jefferson Scholar at UVA, where he just finished his second year. Three of his friends, also Jefferson Scholars, joined us at a little creperie along the lake for a couple of hours of great conversation and food. These kids were bright, worldy, multicultural, and nice, an outstanding example of what America can produce.

Last night I had dinner with Nathalie, a former housemate of mine in Houston. She is Swiss and was in town spending time with her family. Dinner–also on the lake–was very nice (Chantrelles are in season!) and it was great to catch up with Nathalie. Two years ago she helped start up a renewable fuels trading company that is growing and doing very well.

Meanwhile this week’s class focus on ethics and social responsibility has been very interesting already. It has been very philosophical so far with background readings on Kantian ethics, rights, and social justice. I’ll post a more detailed update later in the week.

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