Tolkien and Workouts

I finished The Silmarillion last week and have moved on to The Hobbit. I really love the simple, fantastic Hobbit narrative. It was the hook that bought me into the rest of Tolkien‘s works (Thanks again, Lee and Sam!), which I have read and reread many times over. In many ways this is similar toContinue reading “Tolkien and Workouts”

Final MBAT Thoughts

Although I complained a great deal about HEC’s disorganization, the weekend was still a blast. Not to be a total geek, but it felt a lot to me like Harry Potter’s Triwizard tournament. There were schools from all over Europe and participants from all over the world. Each school had its own colors and culture,Continue reading “Final MBAT Thoughts”

MBAT Day 3

Today didn’t start out any better than yesterday. Our indoor volleyball team, which had never played together before, was quickly eliminated by Oxford. There was no time to dwell on it, however, as our beach volleyball pairs match, also against Oxford, started immediately afterward. My partner, Mario, was still swimming at the time so hisContinue reading “MBAT Day 3”

Beach Volleyball Is BACK

Last night I skipped what was sure to be a great party to stay in and get some work done. There were three reasons for this painful decision: 1. My scholastic and extracurricular work has piled up; I really needed a productive weekend to catch up. 2. Tomorrow I will have an old friend inContinue reading “Beach Volleyball Is BACK”

I Am a Tug of Warrior!

As predicted, the mighty Rice Owls have retaken the national #4 ranking on their path to an inevitable #1 seed and College World Series championship. In honor of this ascent, I hereby devote my second consecutive post to sports. This time, instead of focusing on NCAA sports, I am focusing on the annual MBA Tournament,Continue reading “I Am a Tug of Warrior!”