Final MBAT Thoughts

Although I complained a great deal about HEC’s disorganization, the weekend was still a blast. Not to be a total geek, but it felt a lot to me like Harry Potter’s Triwizard tournament. There were schools from all over Europe and participants from all over the world. Each school had its own colors and culture, and everywhere you went many languages were being spoken.

I am proud to have coached/captained both of IMD’s medal-winning teams. I wish I could take credit for the success but the real credit is due to my teammates, who overcame long odds, no time for practice, and the temptation to blow off the tournament to frolic in Paris. Many of them stepped up on a moment’s notice, without any preparation at all, and helped us win through sheer determination. Those who weren’t playing helped through their cheering and support.

Now we are back in Lausanne and the work has piled up. We have a big Strategy project due this week and many more deliverables next week, but the memory of the MBAT is still fresh in our minds. Although my voice is hoarse, my arm and side rope-burned, and my middle finger numb (not sure what I did to it during the tug of war), I am honored to have represented IMD alongside such capable classmates. Now, back to the “real” world!

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